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    Some design ideas please

    Hello LoungersI have a project to complete and I would love to bounce some ideas and get some feedback.The application is a schedule app. and I will have the days of the week in row 1 and the names of the participants in column A.A feature that I would love to add is what if there is a situation where someone can work half a shift. Well for that I was thinking of merged cells. So if someone wanted to work half a shift the. I will unmege the cells and add them in the top or bottom cell according to what half they can work.This is easy to do in VBANow my question is can I have a triangle that I want to Color? OK what I am receding to here is something that looks like a square with a diagonal and one half say above the diagonal is colored.Is that too much work for such a simple app?Any better ideas?Thanks a million.Wassim
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    You can't divide a cell or pair of cells diagonally, but you could overlay a triangular shape with a high transparency factor. But I have to ask what is your objective. Having a value in one of the cell pairs tells you that it is a shift, you could fill colour that cell to make it more obvious. What extra would a triangle add?

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    I would split all days into 2 cells so you can do half shifts, then use VBA to fill in the cells using a form or dropdown.

    cheers, Paul

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