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    Question Network connection looks OK but NO Internet access

    I just got my first smartphone to replace my Verizon dedicated hotspot.
    When I activate the hotspot on the phone I get a connected message on the phone and the laptop but no
    internet access. My Android tablet connects with no problems. My laptop connects to the old dedicated hotspot (and internet) with no problem. My neighbor with exactly the same laptop CAN connect to the hotspot on my phone and has full internet. I have checked all the network settings between the two laptops and
    they are the same. Both are running XP home, Microsoft security essentials, and have the windows firewall activated. What am I missing?

    Additional information: XP with service pack 3,
    If I ipconfig /release then /renew I get a message "unable to contact your DHCP server"

    Encryption is set for wpa2 personal. If I disable encryption on the hotspot or set it for wep encryption I can complete the connection and have internet access.

    I would prefer to use wpa2 personal since it is more secure.
    Any ideas why this is not working? My understanding is SP3 added all necessary for wpa.
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