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    problems with report


    I'm having a difficulty in assembling a report with some subreports.

    I'm sending a bd attached to better explain my problem. After choosing an option in the first combo, and choose a
    second option in the combo will show a button labeled "Brieffing", click it to open a report with two subreports
    according to the chosen company. Now, by clicking on the frame, the option "Active" and choosing an option in the third combo,
    show a button labeled "Steps / Observations", click it to open a report with three subreports.

    I'm trying that when I click the "Brieffing" subreports beyond that already exist, also shows all
    product data of their company with the same format as the report "steps / observations." But with each separate product.
    Document doc attached, perhaps best explains.

    Someone here in the forum has ever faced a problem like this and can help me?

    Thank you.
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