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    Suggested Contents folder

    Thanks to Office Watch's "Organizing Outlook E-mail" by Peter Deeegan I became aware of the Suggested Contacts folder in OL 2010. This folder now has 550 contacts in it. Most of these can be deleted because they are "one off", with just an e-mail address. If I leave them all there how much of a performance hit, if any, will this "extra" folder cause?

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    Hi HH,

    As far as Outlook itself is concerned, the Suggested Contacts folder is just another database of names that is searched as needed, and will cause no performance hit in Outlook, regardless of how many names are in it. There are other considerations, though:
    1. If you enter an email address wrong, it will be stored and keep showing up in the auto-complete.
    2. If someones information changes in your address book, they might also be in the 'Suggested Contacts' with the wrong email address.
    3. If you are on an Exchange Server with Outlook 2010, that folder, like your email has to be transferred to any new PC you log on to (even a large number should only take a few seconds though)
    4. If you are synching your phone Exchange, all those contacts get transferred to your phone, and if you get a lot of them, the phone may not handle it too well (have seen iPhone 3G crap out on 10000+ contacts!)

    TL;DR - No problem unless synching with a phone!



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