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    PDF Files From Word

    Tried to create an Acrobat *.pdf file from a Word2000 *.doc file that has VBA elements. Acrobat would not create the file. Any ideas how to remove elements or be able to create file? Operating system is either Windows ME or Windows 2K.

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    Re: PDF Files From Word

    This is not a problem with Word or your VBA elements, but with your Distiller settings.

    You might be using Acrobat Distiller 4.0 with Press Optimised Settings, which means that if there is any font in the Word document which is not installed on your machine, Acrobat cannot embed the font in the PDF and hence quits.

    Change the Acrobat Distiller settings so that it does not cancel job if embedding fails (Settings--Job Options--Fonts--When Embedding Fails--Warn and Continue).

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