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    Page Numbering Across Sections Not Correct When Printing

    I have several documents that are broken into 2 sections. I have entered the "Page X of Y" code/field into each of the section footers, altho the sections are not linked as there is other information in the footer that needs to be different. I shared the documents with someone and when they print the document, the page numbers in the footers are wrong (and along the lines of "Page 1 of 1," "Page 2 of 2," etc.). BUT, when the user views the document in Print Preview and prints from there, the numbering is correct. Any ideas as to why this might be happening. I thought it might be a version issue - I created the documents in a newer version of Word (2010) than the user has (2000). But if that were the case, I'm not sure why viewing them in Print Preview first would correct the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any advice / anything to check,


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    Satiria, I believe you've run into an inconsistent bug that's existed in Word for several versions. I often work with long documents of multiple sections, usually restarting numbering at a new section, that will inexplicably switch to numbering as you've described. This has also happened when embedding a NUMPAGES field in the text of a document that refers to the total number of pages, such as "these X pages."

    And, as you've described, it will look correct in Print Preview, but not when it actually prints. This doesn't happen to all documents, and an individual document will be fine up until it isn't fine.

    Here's the coding of the two fields that produce the "Page X of Y" numbering:

    Page { PAGE \* Arabic } of { NUMPAGES \* Arabic }

    The easiest way I've found to fix this when it happens is to place a bookmark on the last page. Then change the NUMPAGES field to

    { PAGEREF DocEnd \* Arabic }

    Which gives you the page number on which the bookmark "DocEnd" is located. I've never seen this fail.

    However, while this solution has worked with every document I've come across, it won't work with every company. A user can easily delete the bookmark or add a page or two to the end on the other side of the bookmark. Your users would need to be aware of this fix. I always make bookmarks visible to help make this a little easier.

    Best, Kim

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    Changing the view will cause Word to repaginate and recalculate the headers & footers. You can switch from one view to another or to preview to get this to happen.


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