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    MSE - Conflicting Scan Information Report

    MSE is set to do a Quick Scan at 2AM daily. Win7 Ult Toshiba Laptop (A Full Scan takes 29 hours!!!!) the report I am getting when a Quick scan finishes is:

    PC Status: Potentially Unprotected.
    Your scan revealed that there are no problems.
    You haven't run a scan on your PC for awhile. This could put your PC at risk.

    IF MSE just scanned my computer, then why no green with the check? How can it say that I haven't run a scan for a while when it is just finishing a scan, reports no problems and gives me Potentially Unprotected the second it finishes a scan?

    I have uninstalled (Revo) and reinstalled MSE several times and it installs with the green and the check, but as soon as it has made a scan, it goes orange and Potentially Unprotected. Any ideas? Any Solutions? Thanks.

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    Have you run a cleanup with CCleaner or another such tool recently. In CCleaner there is a category for cleaning MSE log files, that unless it is unchecked will eliminate the proof you just did a scan, and thusly your PC will think it needs to be scanned. MSE checks this log file for recent scans, and if the log file has been deleted, MSE will tell you to scan again.
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