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    Outlook 2000 PST file problem (Outlook 2000)

    Outlook 2000 refuses to move or copy messages from one folder to another, and nothing happens when trying to send and receive email.

    Error message when trying to move or copy is as follows:

    "Can't move the items. The file C:WINDOWSLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlookOutlook.pst could not be accessed."

    The Outlook.pst file is still in that location, but appears to be corrupt. If I replace it with an older copy of Outlook.pst from my backups, everything works fine.

    I have tried the MS Outlook 'Detect and Repair' option (twice), with no success.

    I have looked through my copy of "Using Microsoft Office 2000" by Woody Leonhard and Ed Bott, but cannot find anything specific to the problem.

    So I have used a technique Woody Leonhard sent me once to recycle the PST file, and copied the contents of folders from the corrupt PST file (renamed Outlook061101) to the new PST file (named Outlook.pst).

    The new PST file will run correctly, allowing Move and Copy, upload and download email operations.

    The only problem left is that the contents of a few folders will not copy or move from the corrupt PST file to the new PST file.

    The error message is now:

    "Unable to display the folder. The file C:WINDOWSLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlookOutlook061101.pst could not be accessed."

    Or alternatively:

    "Unable to display the folder. The file C:WINDOWSLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlookOutlook061101.pst is in use and could not be accessed. Close any application that is using this file, and then try again."

    If can just copy the contents of these recalcitrant folders over to the new PST folders, without copying the file fault, everything will be OK.

    Any ideas, or any person I should be talking to?


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    Re: Outlook 2000 PST file problem (Outlook 2000)

    If you use Advanced Find, and run a search for everything prior to the "doomsday" date, will it let you access items that way?

    I think VBA tends to access items in the order they were added to a folder, so a program that copied from the affected folder to another folder might work (at least up to the point where it hits the error) for most of what's in there. Like this:

    <pre>Sub MoveItems()
    Dim msgItem As MailItem, myPST As MAPIFolder, fldSource As MAPIFolder, fldDest As MAPIFolder
    Set myPST = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").Folders("Personal Folders - MainInbox")
    Set fldSource = myPST.Folders("Mail-Group")
    Set fldDest = myPST.Folders("Mail-Samples")
    For Each msgItem In fldSource.Items
    msgItem.Move fldDest
    Set fldDest = Nothing
    Set fldSource = Nothing
    Set myPST = Nothing
    End Sub</pre>

    Everything in quotation marks will need to be customized to match your set-up. Actually, you might need to target the second PST, too. Hope this helps.

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