I use the following code to insert a signature .png file in a table cell. Sometimes the picture displays. In the event it doesn't, the code switches the doc's view from print preview and back to Print View. It works every time I manually step through the code (F8) but doesn't work when I run the code. When that happens, I have to manually switch from Print Preview back to Print View and then the signature displays. Is the code running to quickly? In the Options > View dialog box, Drawings is checked and Picture placeholders is unchecked. What do you suggest?

Many Thanks!

Sub InsertMySig()
Dim sig as Shape

Set sig = ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddPicture(Anchor:=Selection .Range, FileName:= _
"H:\E-Signature-DO NOT DELETE\Signature.png", LinkToFile:=False, _

With sig

.WrapFormat.Type = 3
.ZOrder 5


End With

End Sub