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    Input information (access 2000)

    I am trying to put together a Database for an electronic service organisation. Technicians work from a customer form which has all the details they need. If they need to order parts for customer a button is selected from a Workshop form and a Purchase Order form is displayed.This form has the customer, job number and a Combo box of prefered suppliers.What I need to do is have the Technician fill in an order which has columns for Qnty,Description and Part Number.They may order one part or 10 parts so what they need to fill in should expand if they need to order more than one part, this completed form will then be faxed to a supplier and what has been ordered linked to the customer. Any Ideas as I am very new to Access.

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    Re: Input information (access 2000)

    What you are describing (being able to enter 1 part or 10 parts) is handled through a subform, a very useful concept. Look through Northwinds to see how subforms are used.
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