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    Using the "find" command excel 10

    I would like to find a specific character or space in a cell where it may be there multiple times. For instance, If a cell is populated with "sprt-ssed5-3f\ggt". How would I write my FIND formula to find the second "-"? What if it five "-" and I wanted to find the fouth one?

    Is this possible"?


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    You can't do it directly with FIND. FIND will find the first occurence, starting from a particular start point. But you would need to start looking after the nth -1 location. It can be done "indirectly", by first converting the second "-" to a character not in the string and then finding that character. I typically would use the first ASCII character which is not used much. So to find the 2nd "-" in cell A1:


    To find the 4th one, replace the 2 with a 4:

    Note that you will get a #value error if there is no 4th "-".


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