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    question about relocated user folders persisting

    Just setting up a new PC for one of my children; it came with Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled on a 1Gb disk which was partitioned into equal sized C and D drives.

    Almost the first thing I did (immediately after deleting half of the optional bloatware and making a set of factory defaults disks) was change the location of all the user folders from C:\Users\Bob to D:\Bob. In most cases they relocated without any issue but when I moved "My Music" to D:\Bob\Music Windows created a new folder called "Music" in C:\Users\Bob. It did the same with "My Pictures" and "My Videos".

    As of now the Start menu Music, Pictures and Video libraries look at the D drive folders and not those which were just (re)created in C. But when I tried to delete the empty folders I received an error about needing administrator rights (even though I was logged in on an account with administrator privileges) and I couldn't elevate my level to successfully delete them. Invoking a command shell as administrator and trying to rmdir the folders, I was told that I did not have sufficient privileges to delete them.

    Why, Windows, Why?

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    Try the Grant Admin Full Control registry setting. This will allow highest level control.
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