In <A target="_blank" HREF=>this week's WOW</A>, there is an article about mis-spelled words in hyperlinks. Part of the article says:

> This is where things start getting weird. If you
right-click "The Compleat Link" in FrontPage (at least, on
one of our machines), you get the standard Link editing
choices - Follow Hyperlink, Hyperlink Properties, and so
on. But if you right-click the word "Compleat" in Word, the
spell checker intervenes - you get to choose the correct
spelling, but you don't get to edit the hyperlink.

> More than that, if you go into a hot link in FrontPage,
and change the text - say, change "The Compleat Link" to
"The Compleat Lenk" - right-clicking on the changed word
("Lenk" in this example) brings up the spell checker, and
you can't edit the hyperlink.

There are two ways around the problem. 1. right click on a word in the link that Word doesn't think is mispelled and you get the edit hyperlink, or 2. when you right click on the mis-spelled word, select ignore all, then the squiggly red line goes away, right click again and the edit hyperlink is available.

I've been annoyed about this for years when trying to right click to go to paragraph of other menu options and the word you click on is mis-spelled. Please share this work-around.