Looking for a rock bottom video card that does 3 VGA heads---or 1 [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]DVI[/COLOR][/COLOR] and 2 VGA that works on WinXP or Win7...

I'm no gamer. Just a software dev for database apps so I don't need anything more than 1024x768 res on each screen. It can be extended or separate app windows---I don't care really. I spend most of my day in Adobe CS doing lo-res html apps.

I have a 23" main monitor and 2 old 19" LCDs that I -was- using on with an old Matrox. All 3 are plain ol' VGA connectors. But the Matrox has the wrong card 'connector' for my Intel Q8400 motherboard (I guess it's AGP and needs to be PCIe)?

So I am currently using an old Radeon/AT dual-head card. When I tried adding enabling the mobo's onboard VGA adapter for a 3rd display, Win XP did not recognize it.

Is this kind of thing handled automatically in Win7 (or 8)? If so, I guess I should just bite the bullet and upgrade now. Or is there another low-budget solution: either a 3-head card or a way to combine 2 cheap cards to do the same thing?