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    Excel will not print the complete cell

    I have a problem with Excel: I wish to print the workbook. Many of the cells have multiple lines of text courtesy of text wrapping.

    The workbook is printed landscape, and shrink-to-fit. It runs about 75% of full size.

    The problem is that the bottom of the cells is cut off. It appears that way during print preview, and is accurately reproduced in print.

    Is this a bug in Excel, or do I have some sort of setting problem?
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    I have a workbook that is many rows wide and landscape and I'm not having a problem. Here's how I do it.
    1. Highlight the entire workbook and click Format-AutoFitRowHeight (same for column width if necessary). Spot check the workbook to confirm that you can see the entire cell of all multiline cells. It rarely happens but if any cells are an issue, manually adjust the row height to a multiple of what a single line cell is, e.g., if your row height is 11.25, make 4 line cells 45 (11.25 x 4).
    2. In Page Setup, click Landscape. Then click Fit to and next to Fit to, choose 1 page wide, leave the tall box blank and click OK.
    Now look at the Print Preview. It should be ok.

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