After I created my first Win 8 Ent. Image and ensure it worked, I decided to do some partitioning work. I use Partition Wizard mini tool. The Partition Wizard partition tool installed and worked perfectly in Win 8 Ent.

I started with my partitions looking like this:

Win 8 RP Disk Manager.jpg

Initially the Win 7 Partition was approx. 78 Gb and the Win 8 partition was approx. 46 Gb

I first resized the Win 7 partition from 78 Gb to approx. 50 Gb. This left unallocated space between the Win 7 and Win 8 partition.

I then resized the Win 8 partition forward into the unallocated space. When I chose Apply, the PC rebooted and the data in the original Win 8 was moved by Partition Wizard to the front of the new larger partition.

Everything worked perfectly. The new partitions look like this:

Win8 Pro Disk Manager.jpg

Of course I would never have attempted this without good Images for both the Win 7 and Win 8 OS's.