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    Drop down Lists and Combo Box Control Content box use.

    I was trying out the new form tools in Word 2010 and found the Combo Box Content Control and Drop Down List Content Control which looked interesting. Noticed in the properties you could (with a little effort) add Display Names and Values. Seemed logical that if I entered different values for each, I would be able to choose a "Display Name" and see the Value show up.
    I wanted to use a Friendly Name as the Display Name, and the Accounting term as the value, so if I chose "Checking" it would display "001-2345-678".
    I guess it doesn't work that way.
    There must be some way of digging the information out of these controls. Can anyone shed any light?


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    Hi BigMac56,

    A Content Control's Display name shows when the Control is selected. If you choose an item from the dropdown, that item is displayed. The corresponding value can then be accessed via vba for other purposes (eg populating a bookmark or a text Content Control).

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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