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    A Program to Reveal ALL of the Sites Your Browser is Visiting

    A very useful little program a decade ago call CookieCop allowed one to see ALL of the sites your browser was visiting. An intuitive interface allowed you to easily block connections to the sites to which you did not want to connect. (For example, a contemporary site I don't want my browser to connect to - ever - is

    I'm not talking about cookies here. There are lots of Firefox add-ons and such to control cookies. I am looking for a program that reveals ALL of the sites your browser is visiting when you click on a link.

    (CookieCop might still work but I don't want to pay to find out!)

    FWIW, here's the link to the old CookieCop:,2817,1537620,00.asp

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    If this is for a Parental Control type situation, you might want to look at K9 Web Protection from Blue Coat.

    Among the features it provides is a breakdown of all websites visited.
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