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    wrong pst in files transfer

    I had a smooth transition from my XP to my Win 7 machine in Aug 2010. This past Friday I ran the Files and Settings Transfer Wizzard to again move to a new machine (Windows 7 and Office 2010). After the several hours of transfering, I was surprised that even though the file creation on the external drive is current, my Outlook mail files are from the 2010 pst. I did not even have this external drive in 2010. I am missing all emails from 2010 to presently. The contacts and calendar are current. How could this have happened? Exactly what would I search for in the file to find my current email? I also have a online backup service? I found the pst there but can I extract my email from that? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Paul

    I'm assuming you now have two machines, the win 7 box setup in 2010 (A), and the brand new one (B). If that's not right, ignore what follows !

    Box A should still have the Outlook files on it.

    Perhaps the file & Transfer wizard picked up the file that arrived in 2010, while you have been running from a separate file ever since.

    I'm on 2007 Outlook but it should be much the same for 2010: Clck File - Data File Management in Outlook (A). If you can tell us what filenames you have in there for starters.

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