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Thread: Touchy subject

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    Touchy subject

    A touchscreen is not the only Human Interface Device that users might consider. The touchpad on my laptop computer appears to be able to perform most if not all of the functions of a touchscreen (keep an eye on driver updates that might fully cover the territory), and there are Wacom tablets ($100) which accept touch input as well. I suggest keeping a close eye on that source for future tablets specifically geared to the desktop market whose users might like to use or try Windows 8. (One HID that I have yet to test the workings of is voice input i.e. Dragon Naturally Speaking.)

    Ribbon-haters now have a ribbon even they can appreciate, I suspect, but in my case it was collapsed on installation and I simply stumbled across it. Windows Explorer has a ribbon, providing a File Manager. If you don't see it, click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the Desktop screen.

    I'm not crazy about the interface, but the OS appears to be an improvement on Windows 7 - a sort of Windows 7 SE, like Windows 98 SE. That is enough to make it tempting to make the move, especially if someone comes up with a way to make the interface more palatable (or retro).

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    I have spoken often of Classic Shell, so one last comment. There is one tab in the Classic Shell settings where you can choose to Skip Metro, and choose to disable the hot corners on either the Desktop UI, Modern UI or both. This effectively disables the Charms Bar, etc.

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