As an elderly administrater of a small home network still operating Win XP Pro, I have recently been frustrated by constant blocking of IE8 access to the web by Content advisor demanding to know an unknown/forgotten or lost password.

I don't use IE8 very much except for contact with MS Window’s sites for advice, updates, downloads etc but the bloody Content Advisor has been reporting these MS Window’s sites of not having acceptable certificates and demands the password.

I've tried everything and as a long term subscriber to windows secrets I've searched the archives and found the Langalist Plus post of 30.04.2001 [!] 'Working around the Content Advisor Password’, a great sigh of relief, Win Secrets [Fred Langa] to the rescue but disappointment rapidly followed as most of the links are no longer valid save one which allowed me to download the REGIDIT for forgotten CA password.

When I went to run, typed the required 'REGEDIT4', it didn’t accept it! I then entered the basic 'Regidit' then clicked through 'x-setup's instructions to [HKEY_Local_MACHINE..... .... etc to Ratings but "Key"=hex: 15, a9, 83, de, 02, etc is not there having been replaced! nothing daunted, in Ratings I clicked’ Default & found "Enabled"=dword: (which read) 0000001 (1) but I couldn’t change it from 1 (1) to 0 (0) !!........sooooooo! HELP PLEASE, a fast becoming demented old codger.

Brian McGDR