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    "Quirk" (?) in LastPass Password Manager?

    I recently acquired the paid version of the LastPass Password Manager so that I could use it on my iPhone 4S & on my wife's iPad 3.

    Works beautifully - EXCEPT

    When I use LastPass to access my online bank account using either my iPhone or iPad, it somehow removes the option of me being able to deposit checks by merely taking pictures of them.

    If I bypass LastPass & access my online bank account "manually", I do have that option available.

    However, when using LastPass on my desktop computer to access my online bank account, that option is still available.

    So, the problem is either LastPass does not like the "App" that you have to install on the iPhone & iPad or it just does not like Apple products.

    I contacted LastPass Support & they basically told me that since they do not have an account at the bank I use with which to test, they really can not do anything for me.
    They did offer to return my money - but except for this glitch, I really like LastPass.
    Plus, in the meantime, I can do the deposits using my Desktop computer & my scanner to take the pictures of the checks.

    I also contacted my bank's Support, but they basically said that it was obviously a LastPass problem & to contact them.

    I deal with a major bank - so what are the chances I am the only one who is having that problem?

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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