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    MSE, something wrong with it?

    hello everyone, Ive had MSE on my computer since its outset, and never had a problem until last week when out came the big patch day. now MSE has gone all wafty, and is sudde3nly causing problems like, mouse cursor takes 10 seconds to go from one side of the screen to the other, and i keep getting a dos like window popup thats blank, but headed "MPCMDRUN", it just sits there till i have to close it.
    ive uninstalled MSE, and everything is fine, but ive downloaded a fresh copy from the MS site, and reinstalled it, and the same thing happens, has anybody else had this, only since last week on big patch day?

    windows XP SP3, intel proc, 1gb ram,

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    MPCMDRUN is the command line access to MSE. Go to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Security Essentials path and locate this utility there. Open the command prompt, go inside the Security essential folder, run the MpCmdRun.exe command, and it will display all options.

    If this had happened on my system, I would have uninstalled all the new updates and then gone back and reinstalled them 1-by-1 to find the problem child. I would not remove the program that the updates borked. MS has a history of "not ready for prime time" updates. Although, not so much lately.
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