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    Can't paste hyperlink Outlook 2003

    Hey Y'all,

    I got one that has eluded me. I've googled w/o success.

    My wife's Win-7 HP SP1 64bit laptop running Office 2003 Pro SP-3.
    Outlook is configured to use Word as the email client.
    When pasting a hyperlink {from the browser address bar both IE & FF} does NOT paste in as a hyperlink only text.
    The email format is set to HTML.
    I have the same setup on my dual-boot laptop and it works fine. I've compared settings and can find nothing different.
    Also the paste Hyperlink and Special options on the Edit menu is greyed out!

    Any suggestions?

    BTW: She is currently living with the work around of clicking on the hyperlink icon and pasting into that which works just fine but of course is much less efficient.
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    My Outlook 2003 is configured not to use Word as the editor. Seems to work fine for me. Have you tried that?

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