My boot time increased a bit after having added Live Mesh to my Windows 8 Pro x64. So I went to task manager's new Startup tab, which provides information not only about what programs are starting up, but also the impact they have on startup - so far I have seen it labeled as none, medium or high.

Live Mesh was identified as having a high startup impact. I decided to disable it and that can be achieved really easily - a right click, choose disable and it's done. I then started Task Scheduler and scheduled the two processes associated with Live Mesh to start 15 mins after logon - this is a novelty too, since before only a maximum time could be specified, but it was seen as a random value.

Problem solved
. Startup time improved a lot. This was achieved through the new nothing less than amazing Task Scheduler, that allows for so much more control and monitoring than before and not only about startup programs. I love to see the amount of cpu and memory associated with each process (which we could before), but also the percentage of CPU in use. I just love this Task Manager! One my fav Windows 8 new features!