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    Setting up Homegroups in Win 8

    As I have stated in other threads (Experience setting up my wife's Win 8 OS) I do use Win 8 on 2 separate PC's. I was having problems with sharing as I tried to set up sharing the old way, Advanced Sharing through the Network and Sharing Center. I was having significant problems setting up this sharing. I was constantly having to add passwords, even though I turned passwords off on both PC's. The sharing was just not what I had hoped.

    I then was looking at PC Settings (Charms Bar, Settings, Change PC Settings) and near the bottom is a Home Group tab. Low and behold the 2 PC's were listed as different Home Groups. When I left the Home Group on my wife's PC it automatically checked on the network and told me there was a Home Group available I could join. I did join the Home Group set up by my computer with my wife's PC. I then moved all the sliders to enabled and VOILA both PC's are sharing easily by clicking the Network Icon I have placed on my desktops on both PC's. (Personalize, Desktop Icons)

    I suspect this might work with a Win 7 Home Group as well, but cannot test this theory at this time.

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    It not only works with the Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers, but in Windows 8, with one login challenge, my Windows XP laptop was joined to the Windows 8 Homegroup. You may be asked in Windows 8 to enable Network Discovery. This was necessary in my case. Also, Windows 8 was equally happy to join the Windows XP Workgroup. It is a shame that wireless ad hoc networking seems not to be supported in Windows 8, but an Ethernet Crossover cable connected the two laptops without a router or an Internet Connection. (I like to keep my data archiving operations offline.)

    I never used the Metro-style UI in the entire networking and archiving operations.

    Checking the Homegroup name on each computer to be networked is necessary. Folks sometimes overlook this point.
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