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    Linking to graphics files (2000)

    When you link to graphics files rather than embedding the graphics, shouldn't the resulting Publisher file be much smaller?

    I have a 20-page booklet. The graphics files on their own, when I use the high-resolution TIFFs, add up to about 30MB.

    Whether I embed them or link to them, the resulting Publisher file is about the same size: >150MB!!

    Even with 256MB of RAM, once the graphics are in the publication, my computer freezes now upon opening the file. Only a hard boot can get out of it.

    Wouldn't linking rather than embedding the graphics files keep the Publisher file size down? Isn't that the purpose of linking rather than embedding? That's how it works for Word, or FrameMaker.

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    Re: Linking to graphics files (2000)

    PUB2000: Linked Picture Files Are Also Embedded [Q254203]

    PSS ID Number: Q254203
    Article last modified on 02-16-2000


    ================================================== ====================
    The information in this article applies to:

    - Microsoft Publisher 2000


    When you use the "Link to File" option to link to an inserted picture in a
    Microsoft Publisher 2000 publication, the file size of the publication is
    increased by the same amount that would occur if you embedded the picture in the


    This behavior occurs because Publisher 2000 stores an embedded copy of any
    inserted picture, whether or not the picture is linked to an external picture
    file on disk.

    When you link to a picture file, you can use Graphics Manager to manage or to
    update the picture dynamically.


    Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Publisher 2000.


    To start Graphics Manager:

    1. Start Publisher 2000.

    2. Point to Commercial Printing Tools on the Tools menu, and then click Graphics

    For additional information about how Publisher 2000 stores picture data, click
    the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Q253973 PUB: Inserted Picture Causes Unexpected Increase in File Size

    Additional query words: mspub pub2k 9.0 pub9 prepress

    ================================================== ====================
    Keywords : kbdta kbprepress
    Technology : kbPublisherSearch kbPublisher2000 kbPublisher2000Search
    Version : WINDOWS:
    Hardware : x86
    Issue type : kbbug
    Solution Type : kbpending
    ================================================== ===========================
    Copyright Microsoft Corporation 2000.

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    Re: Linking to graphics files (2000)

    OK, so I understand now what's happening. How do I work around it?

    For example, the document I'm currently working on has 15 images -- TIFFs. I reduced the quality of the images somewhat; the average TIFF file size is now between 600 and 800 KB.

    Inserting each image adds about 4MB to the Publisher file size!

    Once the file gets that large it's unmanageable.

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