A couple years ago I'd bought an OJ 8500 and it was DOA. It's replacement did function but there were lots of issues, and it turned out that some were well know and apparently due to a mechanism that was very unreliable. HP replaced mine under warranty with an 8600; in many ways, a lot nicer, but with one problem. It loses its network connection sometimes.

When I read the review here of the OJ6700, I suddenly went very awake from half asleep. Familiar problem. The 8600 just disappears off the network - usually after receiving a fax. HP has been told, they tell users to do a complete reset, and then hope you don't call back I don't know if this is firmware or hardware; I can imagine either. I can imagine that after everything handles the incoming all, that some device does not reset properly. And that could be a chip issue, maybe a firmware issue. I'm not pleased to see that it made it into a new model year. But now I will complain again to HP and again ask them to fix it - knowing my OJ 8600 is not the only model with the problem.