As a complete newbie to this site I wonder if you could help me with a problem in excel 2000(I know that its old but our multinational global company cant be bothered to upgrade and for now i am stuck with it)

I am new to excel and have no idea about how to use and the create macros and how to make them automatic.
I have attached my tracker. As you can see in column A there is a drop down box with three options. I used condition formatting to colour each option a different colour.

In column D there is an area drop down box that using a VLOOKUP formula is attached to column F. To do this I created a range contained in column J & K.

What I would like to do is have the correct colours (Cell Background & Font) from the cells in column K. Automatically transfer to Column F when the corresponding area is chosen in column D.

I would have used condition formatting but excel 2000 only allows 3 options and I have thirteen.

I would much appreciate if you could help me out