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    Desktop Shortcut (Access 97 SR-2, ODE)

    Hello. I am using ODE setup wizard to create an installation folder. When the user runs the setup.exe and goes through the setup process, I want a shortcut to be created and placed on the users desktop. So, I followed the The Knowledge Base articvle provided by Microsoft. (Article Q182606: How to create a shortcut on the desktop.)

    However, it is not working. The CopyShortcut database open, but is not able to complete the task. It tells me that it is unable to find the file (shortcut). But I have checked the name of the file, etc and it is fine. In fact, if I run the code after the setup is complete it works great.

    Any ideas.


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    Re: Desktop Shortcut (Access 97 SR-2, ODE)

    Whether it works or not depends on your operating system. As I recall, when I tried it like that, it worked on Windows 98 and failed on Windows NT ... or the other way around. Also, the code to delete the extra file afterward failed every time in my setups. <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>

    If you really *must* do it, I'd recommend investing in a third party installer like InstallShield Express, which is a personal version of InstallShield without the scripting capabilities. It can do things that the setup wizard can't do, including create desktop shortcuts. Otherwise, you're never going to know whether it will work on the target machine.

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