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    G-mail offers two tier verification.

    Fellow Loungers,

    G-mail now offers two tier verification to prevent theft of your account.

    If you elect to use the two tier sign-in. once you sign in with your username and password, google sends a text message to your phone with a 6 digit number. Enter the number and you can get into your mail.

    You can choose to avoid this step on your "trusted" computers - like your laptop, home and work computers. But it will give you a secure log-in at internet cafes and any other computer that you normally don't use. You choose which computers you trust.

    The texted number is only good for one session so stealing it won't do a thief any good. You can choose to use a backup number from a list you can carry with you if you choose. You can go to your account and generate a set of 10 back up numbers to carry with you in a text file or print and carry them in your wallet.

    Basically, in order to break into your e-mail account, the thief would have to have physical possession of your cell phone along with your username and password.

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    Thanks for that clear explanation. I've been mulling this for some time.

    I have a few further questions if you're willing to share your expertise:

    1. I usually access my Gmail through a POP3 account using Thunderbird. Thunderbird remembers my Gmail log-in password. How will this be affected by the two tier verification?

    2. I use my Google account for a variety of other services, for example the Google Reader, Google+, etc. Again, Firefox remembers the password. How will this be affected?

    3. I use an Android mobile, which again uses the Gmail account for syncing. Again, what will be the effect on this?

    4. I must say that I'm a little uncomfortable using the same password for all these services. I really don't care if anybody hacks my Google Reader account, but if that gives them access to my Gmail account as well, that's a problem! Is there any way to use different levels of security for each of these services?

    Sorry of all the questions, but I'd really appreciate some expert guidance...


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    With the 2 tier verification set, you will have another layer of security on the other apps - application specific passwords. So external apps, like Thunderbird, or apps in an Android phone will require you to insert an application specific password. You can generate these passwords in a Google page meant for this purpose. You can read more about it here:

    The 2 tier process is not a gmail based process, it is actually a Google account based process. When you access Google reader, Google+, etc, you are really accessing through your Google account. The account will be validated by the 2 tier process when needed. It is done in a smart way and code entered through this process usually lasts for 30 days in a given computer, if you don't log out when you leave a service (that is, when you just close your browser, if you have checked the option to persist your login).

    So, just to conclude, you have a single Google account, that gives you access to all these services and access to the services will either be verified through 2 tier verification and the regular password or an application specific password, generated as explained before.

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