I'm attempting to create membership directory suitable for printing from information in a web-based MySQL database. Thus far I've been able to build the OCDB connection, link the necessary MySQL tables in to access and create the basic report. However, I'm stuck on displaying each member's photo along with their data. One of the MySQL table fields contains the URL to the members photo. (I can paste a member's photo URL into a browser and the the photo is displayed.) I created a test form with the member photo URL as a text field/hyperlink. Clicking on the link successfully opens the form.

In my test report I added an unbound image control and the photo URL as hyperlink text field. I've tried assigning the URL to the image control's picture property in the OnFormat event, but get the error 2220. If I display the report in Report View, clicking the URL will open the photo.

But my goal is to print the report with each photo displayed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.