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    Windows Explorer srange problem

    This is about a Windows Explorer problem in Win7 Ultimate.

    I have two sub-folders with about 1500 files each, each file less than 20KB. Both sub-folders are in the same main folder. I need to keep them in separate folders; they are part of an HTML database I access daily.

    They are in the Ďdetailsí display mode and sorted by date, most recent first.

    The problem is that one folder always returns to the alphabetical mode each time I access it, then proceeds automatically to re-sort by date. This takes about 30 seconds.
    The other folder remains in the date mode and always comes up in that mode.

    It only happens on that particular folder on my C:\ drive. These two folders are backed up onto a USB thumb drive. On that the folders both stay sorted by date with no delay.

    I tried deleting the folder, creating it again and moving the backed up files into it. Same problem.

    I know itís only 30 seconds, but itís annoying - like waiting on hold for 30 seconds, it feels like a lot longer.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get the slowly refreshing folder to stay in the date mode?

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    I experience the same problem, but with several folders.

    Doesn't cause a problem except for the long wait while it re-sorts, which is irritating when the folder contains over 1000 files.

    I don't have this problem on Vista or XP machines, only W7 (and I have also seen it happen on W8).

    If anyone has way round this I would love to hear it.

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