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    Macrium Reflect Resources

    I've followed the WindowsSecrets Security & Backup forum assiduously the last few months. As a direct result I tried Macrium Reflect free, am happy, delighted in fact, and am about to purchase the Pro version, primarily to get incremental image backups and automatic scheduling.

    I'd like to thank all the Security & Backup posters, pro and con Macrium, for their opinion. You know who you are. And a special and cordial shout-out to my fellow Floridian, DrWho, for his take-no-prisoner blasts.
    Also in my research I found on the Macrium website, and would like to pass along to those coming this way, the following resources:

    1) For a link to the Knowledge Base where you may Search or use popular tags to get help and tutorials click

    2) To go to the Macrium Reflect FORUM click

    3) To go to the 'Help' tutorials click, you can also access the Help tutorials when running Macrium Reflect from the 'Help' menu by selecting 'Help'.

    4) To see a range of YouTube videos on using Macrium Reflect click [There are 12 very helpful videos.]



    Leo Notenboom also has some good videos, (posted with his permission)

    Further, From Leo Notenboom, Ask Leo!, (

    "... if your data is in only one place, it's not backed up."

    My Criteria - In my opinion, a good backup program needs to be able to:

    • Make a complete image backup of a disk and most importantly, your system disk.
    • Restore that complete image to a machine that cannot itself boot because it contains an empty replacement hard disk.
    • Browse and restore individual files from image backups.
    • Make incremental backups.
    • Schedule automated backups.
    And, of course, like any good software, it needs to be relatively straightforward to use and give you reasonable support options.
    Thanks again, to all.
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    Here's a bootable USB recovery option for those that don't have CD/DVD devices.

    Backing up one's data can never be overstated.

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    Two additional characteristics of a good basic backup system:

    a.) Differential backups
    b.) Automated "clean-up" of old incremental or differential backups.


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