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    Norton Ghost backups

    I'm new to the forum and looked for a similar thread but did not find anything (but wouldn't bet the farm that there could be something there.

    My HP computer runs Win 7, 8gb ram, 1TB hd. I have a 1tb Iomega external drive designated K. I've been using Norton 360 with Ghost 15 to run scheduled back ups for a year or two but have never needed to utilize the backups.

    My internal Drive has a C & D partition. Per Windows explorer the C uses 189 gb with 711gb free and the D is a factory image and uses 9.4 gb with 1.6gb free

    I've never tried to use any Ghost backups but it has not backed up for over a month because it says the external drive is full. It gives no options for cleaning up or deleting old information. It also says there are no backup points although Windows Restore does have back up points and I have used them.

    Windows Explorer shows K with 8 files, 7 of which use less than 10kB in total. The 8th file is Norton Backups and shows 142 GB of data (many small similar files) with "other" used space of 789GB - filling up the external drive. The 789GB doesn't seem to be accounted for with any files

    What's going on?! - certainly doesn't make any sense to my admittedly limited knowledge base. Should I just clean off the whole drive and start over? I think my computer is pretty clean as I do run security and malware scans frequently. I do have a suspicion that Incredibar is lurking on it somewhere and rears it's ugly head every once in a while but not for a week or so. Haven't any idea where it is or even if it's really still there (probably not at all related to my question)

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    Hi smp377,

    My 2 pc's have rather small hdd's (1 in each), My C: Drive's are 45gb with nothing I can't replace put in it. I have 4 large external hdd's where I store everything I don't want to lose. I also have copies on D: Drive (Partitions) for quick access to them.
    I use Acronis 2010 and only do 'One Click' back-ups which is a 'Systembackup'. All done to separate folders, named as the back-up date.
    e.g. if I intend testing a program, I do a back-up first, then if its to be removed, I do a 'Restore'. This is one of two ways to remove a program completely & safely, without damaging my pc's registry. The other way is clean install.
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    @smp377, welcome!

    First impressions sounds like Windows backup has been running too.

    Norton Ghost backups are visible, normally in a backup subdirectory. In Explorer they are identified as Symantec Image files, see attached snip from my Office workstation:

    Ghost backups.JPG

    You should be able to use the Ghost console to manage backup destination: Open Advanced, then look at the Drives Tab and on the left hand pane under Tasks, the 2nd from bottom:

    Manage backup destination.JPG

    From there, you can open the manage backup destination settings:


    However, the "other files" that are not visible to you in Explorer, may well be Windows backup files. You could check that Windows Backup is not running and also use Tree Size Free to verify what is eating up the space on the backup drive.
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