Hi All,

I currently have one SSD installed in my Dell Laptop, as chronicled here. I just ordered a Crucial 256 GB M4 drive today from Buy.com for $159.00. The new drive will replace the current laptop drive and the current laptop SSD drive {128 GB M4} will be switched to my Desktop Dell as a OS only drive.

As for backup regimen I have switched from Acronis 2010 entirely to Macrium Reflect Free. Since all of my machines will boot from USB connected devices I've created several Western Digital USB drives with 2 partitions. Very small FAT32 partitions to hold the Macrium Reflect Windows PE boot code and the rest of the drive as NTFS for the backup images. (See how here). This way I can boot from and either Image to or Restore from a single device. All my machines have the Documents folder moved to the G: drive (some times on the same drive but separate partition others on different physical devices). When I Image I always image the OS & Data partitions in single operation with Image verification turned ON. I also regularly backup my Data partition to a separate physical HD on my Desktop using RoboCopy run from a shortcut to a .cmd file with all the appropriate switches, takes two clicks. With the laptop I do the same thing but to a USB HD.