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    Corrupts on network (97 SR1)


    How do you run your Access 97 (SR1) databases - from your local hard drive, LAN or WAN (NT 4). There must be many databases in the company where I work (but I have no idea how many).

    Every now and then I hear about a db becoming corrupted. MS discourages db from being run on the WAN (of course, that doesn't stop the users).

    So what have your experinces been with running Access from HD, LAN or WAN? We get more requests for Access for new projects.

    But dealing with the corruptions has been a nightmare.



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    Re: Corrupts on network (97 SR1)

    I always run a split database schema (frontend and backend databases) whether the data will reside on the server or locally. The frontend will always be local.

    Anything that can cause the server to go down will probably leave the database corrupted, if it was open at the time. You'd be surprised how many small, peer-to-peer networks don't have the "server" on a UPS.

    And while Access works fine on a LAN, the overwhelming sentiment I've heard is "Don't use Access on a WAN!".
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