Hi everyone,

I support ~60 people here at a small pharma company. Nearly all of us have had the same problem for the past 2 years; it recently came to the attention of our CEO so suddenly it's become a priority to fix it.

At random intervals Word 2007 will decide that the current document is "read only" and will prevent the user from saving it--an attempt to save will bring up a dialog that the document is read only and force the user to do a Save As, even though we've been able to save it previously. We've become so accustomed to this problem that we all know to add a letter or number to the end of the file name and go on working. Eventually that document will also come up as read only; some of us then revert back to the original file name, others add another letter or number.

I've Googled this and found the problem reported by many other users at different discussion sites (try Googling "can't save word 2007 document read only" and you'll get lots of results) with lots of suggestions for fixes, but in every case the suggested fix eventually failed (the problem recurred) or doesn't apply to our environment here (for example, someone suggested turning off the Windows Explorer preview pane; none of us use that). We've also contacted Microsoft; they claim they're unaware of the problem (hard to believe since it's obviously pretty prevalent based on the Google results).

Does anyone here know a fix for this problem?

Because I'm sure people will ask:

Word 2007
Windows 7
We're saving documents to a local drive (I'll ask the other users if it happens with network shares, but in my case it's always local)
The document's Read-Only attribute in Windows is NOT enabled
They save successfully, then suddenly they're read-only
The documents aren't protected in any way, nor are they from a Zip or RAR file
We have Auto-save and Background saves enabled (a common suggestion on the other sites is to disable these, but others have confirmed it doesn't fix the problem)
We use OfficeScan anti-virus (again, a suggestion elsewhere is to disable AVP [like we're going to do that!])

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.