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    Shareable Workbook-Options (Excel97-SR2)

    Sharing Excel Workbook on network

    I'm trying to develop a system that exports a table from Access to Excel.
    This workbook will reside on a shared network directory where I would like all users to access and update 1 field (which is a text datatype).

    Issue 1- There are both PC and MAC users..does this kill the 'share workbook' feature because the PCs have Excel 97 and the MAC users have Excel 98?
    Are the newer versions any more accomodating?

    Issue 2- Is there any way to 'isolate' a row (record) so that the user could have access only to the record they request via a userform?

    In other words: If a user entered "1234" in a UserForm, could they only edit a column in the row that matches that number?
    <table border=1><td>WorkNum</td><td>JobName</td><td>Status</td><tr><td>1234</td><td>MyProj</td><td>Pending</td></table>
    Finally..<font color=red>.Is there a way to lock a sheet from being sorted?</font color=red>
    Allow edits but not sorting? <img src=/S/cauldron.gif border=0 alt=cauldron width=20 height=20>

    I think this all makes sense.
    The Access to Excel is no is the return trip (back to Access)
    but cross-platform compliance is another thing...all together

    <img src=/S/sarcasm.gif border=0 alt=sarcasm width=15 height=15>' but cross-platform compliance is another thing....'

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    Re: Shareable Workbook-Options (Excel97-SR2)

    1- I can't try it, but I think that sharing should work between MAC and PCs, at least as well as it works between PCs which could be better.

    2- If you have VBA code that is getting the input from the user form, then that code could protect all of the cells on the worksheet except the ones that you want the user to be able to modify. The code could also hide all of the other rows if you don't want the user to be able to see them.

    If the worksheet is protected, the user should not be able to sort it.
    Legare Coleman

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