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    Missing Menu items (Access 2000)

    I'm trying to help someone who is missing several items on the menu bar. They only have File, Window and Help available in the menu bar. I can't right
    click on anything either....

    When you search on restoring your toolbars etc you have to click on Tools, etc.... which I DON'T HAVE......

    I was told this happened while adding a form to start up. ex: Tools, Startup, then change Display Form/Page to be the form you want to open on start up. Once they put something in there they lost all tool bars and menu bars....Any ideas?

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    Re: Missing Menu items (Access 2000)

    Yes - there are things in the start-up form you get that will turn off menus and so forth. Try holding down the shift key while opening the database - that prevents the start-up form from being loaded (unless they have disabled use of the SHIFT key - then things get interesting). That should let you see the Tools/Startup menu and fix the problem.

    If they did turn off use of the SHIFT key, about the only option is to import everything into a new database. That assumes that you don't have security settings set to prevent importing. Hopefully your case will be the easy one above.

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