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    Welcome screen displays for over 20 minutes

    My son's Dell Studio 15 laptop (running i3 processor, Windows 7 64 bit, 4GB ram) has started to hang on the Welcome screen. It now takes over 20 minutes after you log in and the Welcome screen displays before the computer's desktop finally appears. Here are the things I thought of, tried, and the results:
    • Thought it was a corrupted user profile, but each and every profile has the same issue. Making a new user profiles also hang the welcome screen.
    • Thought it was the desktop solid background issue, but even with image backgrounds the welcome screen hangs.
    • Thought it was a virus/malware. Running Security Essentials scans, Malwarebytes, and CCleaner. Nothing shows as a problem.
    • Thought is was a rootkit. Running Windows Defender Offline comes up clean.
    • Tried cleaning up the startup programs, no improvement.
    • I have even tried to disable anti-virus in case that was the problem. No improvement.
    • I have ran HDD scanners and checkers. No issues were reported.
    I am about to pull all the data off and scan it separately before I archive it. Then format and re-install Windows 7. If I can avoid that, I would rather find the cause and address that issue first before going all drastic and re-installing.

    Otherwise I am at a loss as to which direction to go now. I've searched the WS Windows 7 forum for "Welcome Screen" and didn't see anything related. So if there is something else I should be searching for to find a solution? If so, please let me know as well. Finally, does anyone have any advice or solutions to this Welcome Screen issue that my son is experiencing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you by any chance looked at msconfig, boot tab. I do not think this would cause your problem, but if the timeout were some how changed to a large number (say 1200) that might cause a 20 minute delay. I would think this is far fetched but worth looking at. I have mine set to 5.
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    Try running in Clean Boot .
    If the problem goes away, use the diagnostic procedure given on the Clean Boot web page.


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