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    Acc2010 Older Back End

    It seems that the first time one opens an mdb created in an older version of Access in Access 2010, it is read only. This is true when opening from Access or attaching to it. I don't want to convert it just use as a backend.

    Somehow I overcame this last month, but now forgot how.
    Now I am setting up a new machine on a client's network and running into the same prob. The file is one of a number of backends. It will allow me to open queries, but not execute action queries.

    The location is C:\...XXXXXXXXX.mdb.
    I moved a copy from another machine but no joy.
    Setting and resetting the Read Only attribute of the file seems to not have an effect.



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    It's not the fact that it was created with an older version, probably it's the fact that the location is not trusted. Add the folder where the database file is located to the trusted locations:

    File -> Access Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Trusted Locations -> Add New Location.

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