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    Lightweight, free Photoshop alternative

    Your article on PhotoFiltre looked interesting, and I thought I'd try it. I followed your link to download the English version from the publisher's site, and was a bit surprised. Clicking the Free Download button takes you to another Free Download button, that wants you to download Softonic Downloader to download PhotoFiltre. It says downloading with Softonic Downloader makes "...the download process much faster, showing a progress bar and ensuring the program is virus-free." It also says, "...During the download process we show commercial offers, such as the Softonic Toolbar."

    When the Downloader is run, it gives two choices. The first is to download FantastiGames, and the other is "Custom", with three boxes to tick. The first is to "Download and install FantastiGames - Recommended", and the second is to keep "FantastiGames as my homepage and a new tab page". the third is to keep it as my search engine. I don't want to download any games, and am more than a bit put off by this kind of all-to-typical garbage.

    This shows the downloader set for Custom. Tooltips show that what I've ticked is what Express does, and it's easier to read.
    I closed & deleted it.


    I was going to give up on it, but looked further, and found their portable version (in English) at

    I use Photoshop, and a couple small graphics editing programs - I sometimes even use Windows Paint. Irfanview is a good one also, as a viewer and an editor. I've been looking for a replacement for Office's out-of-date Photo Editor, which seemed to have been hobbled by Windows (Office?) updates. PhotoFiltre loads fast, has a small footprint and doesn't seem to use much in the way of resources. Looks like it'll be a good program.

    BTW, signing up here and getting this posted is a bit of a chore and a run-around. Maybe it's naive of me to think that clicking the Feedback welcome: Have a question or comment about this story? Post your thoughts link would take me to where I cap post on the article, not another (Keeping secure connections in an XP/Win7 net).

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    I dread those sites that make you go through half a dozen clicks just to download something that may look interesting.
    Then only to find out that there area a half dozen more things it wants to install and reconfigure on your system.

    Just so not worth the effort.

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    This site has a download for PhotoFiltre 7. This did not seem to have any additional junkware with the download.
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    Have you tried Paint.Net?

    100% free, very full featured (yet easy to use for the novice) and with active online forum support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medico View Post
    This site has a download for PhotoFiltre 7. This did not seem to have any additional junkware with the download.
    Snapfiles is a clean site, usually with very clean downloads.

    I like Paint.NET, but it does require a version of .NET Framework, and all the patching loveliness which goes along with .NET.
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