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    The Wintel Era is Finally Declining

    There is an article on Tom's Hardware that wraps up my ideas about Windows 8. The last paragraph sums it up.,17355.html

    Microsoft is so desperate to get into the fastest growing segments, cell-phones and tablets, that they are willing to sacrifice the desktop.

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    These portable device markets are often over hyped too.

    It matters little what the average user is using in terms of non desktop computer devices. (This is the candy market).
    This market may be on the cutting edge of promoting smaller more potent devices but they have a long way to go in terms of real productivity
    as stand alone devices. These markets will level off too in time and MS and Intel would be insane not to take advantage of it.

    If anything, these portable devices will find their way into working in conjucntion with desktops and larger arrayed computers via wireless networking.
    It just goes to show that many non commercial users (average people) are finding that they just don't really need a full desktop computer and this would have materialized 10 years ago had there been the physical technology to do it

    What really matters is what the big players are using to get real work done, and their not using iPads and smart phones to do it, yet.
    What they are still using and will continue to use for the foreseeable future are desktop computers and large arrayed networked computers.
    Portable devices will definately play a big role working together with large computers but they won't be the entire story.

    This feels just like another MS and Intel bashing article to me.

    Unless someone comes up with a quantum computer you can hold in your hand, the desktop will be here to stay for a long time to come.
    It's market share for the average user will just a natural consequence of the marketplace.
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    "Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future."
    Niels Bohr
    Danish physicist (1885 - 1962)

    Hence most predictions are incorrect.

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