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    How to print a SpinRite report

    My friends daughter has a Dell Inspiron N7010 A02 Laptop and her daughter told her the computer wasn't running right (whatever that means). Her mother listened to the computer and tells me there is a clicking sound. She had a friend who is computer savvy and he ran SpinRite short test on it and he tells her she needs a new hard drive based on how he interprets the report For some reason he is unable to print out the report.
    --- So how does one print out a SpinRite report?
    --- In addition, her friend used Dell's diagnostic program and that also reports hard drive failure

    Since we live quite a few miles apart I can't check out the computer myself and all I can do is relay the info that she told me
    --- I never have used SpinRite but I believe her friends analysis

    My friend called up Staples and wants to bring the computer in to have the hard drive replaced since she has a 2 year mainteance plan for the computer (It's about 1 1/2 years old) but they keep asking her how is the computer acting.
    --- She asked me today how to explain her problem
    --- I told her to let them know the hard drive is clicking and both SpinRite & Dell report hard drive failure

    Finally about a year ago, she had problems with the hard drive back then. The computer ran "inconsistently", Belarc reported the SMART feature in red as Failed and when she ran error checking the process would freeze up at some percentage point in either step 4 or 5. She brought it back to Staples. I don't recall whether or not Staples "repaired" the hard drive or replaced; nonetheless this is is background info

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    Have them check the properties of the programs they are using, good chance that a logfile will be generated
    and placed somewhere on the drive, or any other drive that is detected.

    In the case of SpinRite:
    The “View or Change Settings” menu allows SpinRite's logging
    behavior to be specified. Logs can be written to the same partition or
    drive SpinRite is working within, to any other drive or partition, or to
    any valid DOS device, such as a printer.
    When logs are being written to a file, the file's name is of the form
    \SPIN_LOG.Xwhere “X” is the letter of the drive SpinRite has logged
    into the file. This allows logs for multiple partitions to be collected into
    a single partition without confusion.
    SpinRite will automatically append successive logs onto existing log
    files, and will limit the number of prior logs retained to anything
    specified by the user in the options settings.
    Taken from the SpinRite 5.0 Owner's Guide (PDF)
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    Thank you very much. I have instructed my friend that once the hard drive is replaced (I expect it is by now but I'll find out) to run Spin Rite again on the "new" hard drive for a baseline report. When we get to visit, I'm sure I'll be able to figure out how to print the report thanks to this info.
    --- I use the word "new" because I suspect it's possible a reburbished hard drive was used the first time and who knows what will be used this time. This will be their 3rd hard drive in 20 months

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