I am working on an HP Mini 2102 netbook, as the screen needed to be replaced. However, after replacing the screen, the new LED was exhibiting some strange blemishes on it. I figured that since it was a new screen, it had to be the LED cable.

After opening up the netbook, I pulled the cable out of the netbook, and reattached it and removed it a few times, just to see if it was a problem with the cable. After confirming that blemishes were still there. I attempted to boot the computer again, and the computer would begin to boot, and then stop. After experimenting with the connections for awhile, I realized this was due to the LED cable: whenever I would plug it in, the netbook would shut down. When it was plugged it, it would either begin to boot up, and then stop, or not boot up at all.

I tried doing a hard reset with the netbook: removed the battery, charger plug, and all peripherals, and held the power button for 15 seconds, then reattaching just the charger plug and holding down the power button. The computer did boot up once I did this. I decided to let the netbook charge up for a bit, just so I could be sure that it wasn't for lack of having sufficient charge in the battery, but still no luck.

I also tried booting the laptop without the LED cable connected, and just hooking the netbook up to an external monitor via the VGA port on the netbook. However, even after letting the computer boot up, and tapping the f4 button or Win+P keys continuously, the image would not display on the monitor, and the monitor reported that no VGA input was detected.

Fearing that the netbook integrated graphics chip could be fried, I left the netbook plugged in without the battery, while trying to attach the screen back to the LED cable, but not into the netbook. A few minutes later, I smelled silicon burning, and the charging light went out. I removed everything except the charger plug, and fiddled with the connection, but it would not charge, as evidenced by the failure of the charging light to turn on.

I wanted to investigate this new problem further, so I plugged the battery into the netbook, removed the charging plug, and turned on the netbook. There was a snapping, popping noise, the charging light turned on and then off for a second, the computer started to boot, and then abruptly stopped. The burning smell returned, and the power light on the power switch stayed on, even though the computer would not boot.

Is it possible that I somehow shocked with the computer with static when handling the battery or charging plug, or did the motherboard just fry all by itself? Any advice on the matter is sorely needed!