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    Conditional data formatting in excel 2007


    I am new to this forum and I'm not sure if this type of query has already been answered here. If it has then I apologize for spamming.

    I have a set of data in a column which I want formatted based on certain conditions:

    E.g. the possible data types in the column could be 1, 2.1, CAT-4.1, (blank), - etc etc.

    I want to be able to set up a conditional formatting that if the data is say 1 or 2.1 or such then it should be put as CAT-1 or CAT-2.1 respectively.
    If it is already CAT-xx or blank then it should be left as is.

    I am not being able to figure out the conditional statement i should use for this. Any help would be appreciated. I am attaching a demo excel for refernce. I use excel 2007 on Windows XP.
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    Conditional formatting will not work but CUSTOM formatting will. Use format cells custom and enter:

    Thus any number will have "Cat-" added to it. If it is not a number it will remain as it is.

    This will only change the display, not the contents of the cell.


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