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    I'll give a +1 for Techsoup also. I work for several nonprofits and they make it possible to run software we could not otherwise afford....

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    EaseUS does two kinds of backup: a clone (an image of the hard drive), and a system backup (you can mount it like a disk drive and copy stuff out of it).

    Memeo is yet another kind of backup software: you specify certain folders on your hard drive, and Memeo will do continuous backups of anything in those folders that changes.

    As far as the original factory image is concerned, there are times when you would want it: when you want to sell or get rid of the PC (already mentioned), or when the PC is simply too hosed to fix, and you just want to go back to square 1. A good plan is to restore the original factory setup, run all of the Windows updates and service packs, and install all of your software. Then do an image of that, before you start using the computer. You can then restore that image, should something go wrong.

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