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    Macrium Reflect Backups

    Using the latest version of Macrium Reflect Professional Edition I have up to date images of all my drives, including the Win 8 RP partition. All the backups have ben made from within Win 7. Is there any need for me, when booting into Win 8 RP, to make another backup of the Win 8 partition, and if so should I delete the Win 8 partition backup made in Win 7?

    Advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks and regards, Roy
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    I see no need to reimage from inside Win 8. I image my laptop which dualboots 2 copies of Win 7 and have never had a problem restoring and booting both copies. I don't however image from within either copy. I use either a copy of MR Free on a bootable {Windows PE} USB Key or my newest method of having a separate partition on my USB Backup HDs that boots the MR Free in Win PE and stores the image on the other partition on the drive. I just think it is better do do your images with out any interference from Windows {the copy being imaged, that is}. YMMV
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    Roy, What I do is create all my Images from outside Windows to start. I boot to my Rescue Boot Disk, then create my Images from there. I can include one, 2 or all 3 partitions doing this. I can also Restore any or all the partitions from the Rescue Boot Disk. When I open Acronis, it asks me what OS I wish to Restore. After I choose which OS, it then asks me where to restore to. I choose the partition and choose Proceed, DONE!

    I believe the same holds true for Macrium Reflect.
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