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    Userform for Mail Merge (Excel) – Multiple Records, Single Document

    Hi uber geniuses!

    I've got a couple of queries, but I've separated them across different threads - I hope that's ok! I thought it would make it easier.

    For this one, I need to be able to have the user select multiple row numbers from the Excel spreadsheet (not necessarily in consecutive records), and then have them select one document to merge those records into. I then need each document to open in a separate window (ie, not merged into one document as Word usually does).

    I have set up the basic userform with a button (frmMerge), but I’m not sure where to go from here – at a complete loss unlike the other userform, where I at least have something! Is this even possible? I’ve tried looking through the earlier posts here, and there seem to be some that might be similar, but I’m such a beginner that I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Sorry!

    I've attached my test database and two test documents with some example merge fields so you can see what I mean. I know my coding is horrible - forgive me, I'm a beginner!


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    See the second approach in the solution I posted for your other thread:
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